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Dairy farming since 1900

Founder of Kerr's family dairy

Our history

Founded by Sandy Kerr in 1900, we are still strongly committed to providing the best quality cow's milk for people across Dundee. We opened the doors of our farm, now St John school grounds. Sandy Kerr used traditional methods of dairy farming and provided door-to-door delivery by horse and cart, with the horses ready to go at 4:00 AM every morning 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Kerr's Dairy survived both world wars and continues to thrive, despite the changes in technology, customer tastes and farming methods. Since 1900, we have evolved a lot and there have been significant dates for us through the years, including the day the dairy farm was sold and we moved into a brand new high quality state-of-the-art for the time, dairy factory in 1961.

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Our milestones

• 1900- Dairy started by Sandy Kerr
• 1920- Taken over by John Kerr
• 1961-Dairy run by John Kerr and Ian Kerr
• 1984- Run by Ian Kerr and Kelvin Kerr
• Present day- Kelvin Kerr and Kelvin Kerr Junior

We have been operating this dairy for over 40 years. Our dairy has evolved with time and has moved through 5 generations from Sandy Kerr to his son, Johnny Kerr to his son, Ian Kerr and finally from Kelvin Kerr to Kelvin Kerr Jnr.
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